Sirius Laboratory Test Equipment

As Sirius Laboratory Test Equipment, we have been operating since 1995. Our company initially operated with quality control, medical and calibration services in many fields. During this period, it partially manufactured quality control test devices. It has started mass production of quality control test devices since 2019.

Our company continues its production in a constantly renewing structure in line with customer expectations and by following the developing standards. Our products are used in leading testing laboratories in Turkey. We designed the layout plans of textile physics and washing laboratories at many points and successfully completed the complete laboratory installations.

All electronic and mechanical manufacturing of test devices is carried out within our company.

With the awareness that quality begins with measurement, we are very happy and honored to always be with you, our valued customers, to get reliable results with accurate and reliable measurement equipment, with our staff that develops and grows every day.

You can get information about the devices by browsing our website and contact us about the devices you cannot reach. You will be responded to within the same day.

Thank you for choosing us.