Air Permeability Tester


Air Permeability Tester

Teklif İsteyin

The air permeability tester is used to determine the amount of air flow by applying certain pressure to the samples. Measurements can be made with different test heads. It provides easy monitoring thanks to the touch panel. Thanks to the flow sensor we developed as Sirius Laboratory, fast results can be obtained with high sensitivity.

Different standards other than the existing standards can be loaded into the device.


AFNOR G 07-11 (20cm2), AFNOR G 07-11 (50cm2), ASTM D 737,ASTM D 3,574,BS 5,636, DIN 53,887, EDANA 140.1 (20cm2), EDANA 141.1 (50cm2), EN ISO 7231, EN ISO 9237 SPECIAL ,  JIS L 1,096-A ,  TAPPI T 251 (20cm2) ,  TAPPI T 251 (38cm2) ,  TS 391 EN ISO 9237(100Pa) ,  TS 391 EN ISO 9237(200Pa) ,  CALIBRATION (20cm2) ,  TOYOTA TSL210 7G